Documentary, 2020


Graduation Festival
AFDA Study Year: Postgraduate Honours
Genre: Documentary
Running Time: 24
Rating: PG,L
Viewing Restriction: 13

Liminal explores the way in which mixed race individuals challenge society’s notion of race as they cannot be easily placed into any pre-existing racial categories. Given how the concept of race continues to be categorized within South Africa, individuals who are of mixed race heritage have been assigned their own racial classification of ‘colored’ which was formalized during the aparthied legislation. Towards the end of the apartheid era, a new generation of mixed race children emerged, an opportune representation of South Africa’s rainbow nation. However, post-racial children have instead exposed the gap within conversations about race within South Africa where most mixed race individuals struggle to comprehend their mixed identities and intersections within a hyper-racialized country which also ironically denies the differences of their racial identity in race-conscious dialogues.


Interviewee - Dr Gregory Landers
Interviewee - Samantha Landers
Interviewee - Alice Mdluli
Interviewee - Liam Whitcher
Interviewee - Leah Mari
Interviewee - Isabel Landers
Narrator - Katishcka Kiara
Narrator - Nicole Snell


Writer - Tiffani Joy
Director - Tiffani Joy
Executive Producer - Joy Film Productions
Associate Producer - Tiffani Joy
Associate Producer - Cheryl Naledi Mohale
Assitant Producer - Aahana Bhaanprakash
Cinematographer - Tiffani Joy
Production Designer - Bronwyn Ireland
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Bronwyn Ireland
Editor - Ruann Oosthuizen
Sound Design - Gabrielle Landers
Composer - Gabrielle Landers
Visual Effects - Ruann Oosthuizen
Data Wrangler - Ruann Oosthuizen
Colourist/Grader - Tiffani Joy


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