Graduation Festival
AFDA Study Year: 3rd Year
Genre: Psychological Thriller
Running Time: 13
Rating: L,S,V
Viewing Restriction: 16

Beyond Repair

In Beyond Repair, a gay seventeen year-old named Simon is forced to live with his brother Falkner, who runs a cult-like group that tries to force men into living heterosexual lives. Falkner uses violence and threats but also his love for his younger brother to manipulate Simon into rejecting his identity and becoming like him.


Theo Schneider - Falkner
Laurent De Froberville - Simon
Takalani Muthige - Jacob
Tefo Zitha - The henchman


Writer - Chadlee Skrikker
Director - Chadlee Skrikker
Executive Producer - Kayla Pendlebery & Natasha Dixon
Cinematographer - Carl Pfiel
Production Designer - Morgan McBride
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Lauren Cornish
Editor - Louise Bruwer
Sound Design - Dawie Roux
Composer - Adam van Schoor
Visual Effects - Keenan Olivari
Data Wrangler - Antony Rangel Coll
Colourist/Grader - Jasper Bailey



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