14 November 2017
By Zoe Walsh
3rd Year


Genre: Comedy
Running Time: 12
Viewing Restriction: 16

Hlogoma Peak

Two childhood friends (one black, one white) embark on trip to honour the death of their best friend, Thami. Thami committed suicide and his final wish was for his two best friends to reunite in travelling to the site of his death on “Hlogoma Peak”. It’s apparent that the two have lost touch with each other, with the death of Thami being the only reason they’ve come together now. The closer they get to the site, the greater the tensions rise between them- as they realize how different they truly are from one another. They way they interpret Thami’s death is indicative of the way the interpret society and culture in which they live. Chris sees the lighter side of Thami’s suicide, whereas Cebo sees only the seriousness. This differences only drive them further apart, and closer to conflict.


Luke Ahrens - Musa Shozi


Luke Ahrens - Writer
Luke Ahrens - Director
Zoë Walsh - Executive Producer
Zoë Walsh - Associate Producer
Zoë Walsh - Associate Producer
Rudie du Toit - Cinematographer
Ennia Poretti - Production Designer
Ennia Poretti - Costume, Make-up and Styling
Timothy Jenkins - Editor
Timothy Jenkins - Sound Design
Luke Ahrens - Composer
Dunette Smith - Visual Effects
Rudie du Toit - Data Wrangler
Rudie du Toit - Colourist/Grader


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