14 November 2017
By Zoe Walsh
3rd Year


Genre: Neo-Western
Running Time: 12
Viewing Restriction: 16

The Righteous Few

Sophia watches her family get massacred at the hands of renegade Steven Spielman, she survives the attack and decides to illicit the help of Coen Dlamini, an ex Mkhonto We Sizwe operative who lost his wife at the hands of Spielman as well. Sophia and Coen agree to work together as long as Sophia points out Spielman and Coen Kills him, together they go on a journey in search of Spielman and his rebel gang, Coen trains Sophia in the art of killing and she teaches him how to care once again. They eventually find Spielman and as Coen is ready to pull the trigger after massacring Spielman’s gang, Sophia tries to stop him as she realises that the killing will not bring her family back nor will it bring Coen’s wife. They are arresting by some corrupt police and take to a killing field where their graves are being dug. Sophia and Coen escape in a clever way and kill Spielman they continue to walk into the sunset where Sophia decides to part ways with Coen, he realizes it is because she does not want to follow him down his road of destruction and she decides to follow her own path, they part ways however we see Coen has been fatally wounded in the gun fight and he continues to walk into the sunset.


Dunette Smith - Sitho Bandezi


Lindo Langa - Writer
Lindo Langa - Director
Zoë Walsh - Executive Producer
Zoë Walsh - Associate Producer
Zoë Walsh - Associate Producer
Diana Dahllund - Cinematographer
Ennia Poretti - Production Designer
Ennia Poretti - Costume, Make-up and Styling
Dein Conrad O'Toole - Editor
Jordan Sterling - Sound Design
Lindo Langa & Dein Conrad O'Toole - Composer
Luke MacDonald - Visual Effects
Diana Dahllund - Data Wrangler
Diana Dahllund - Colourist/Grader


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