Graduation Festival
AFDA Study Year: 2017
Genre: Sci-Fi Suspense-drama
Running Time: 18
Rating: L
Viewing Restriction: PG

14 Minutes

14Minutes is the first interactive Virtual Reality student feature film production in South Africa. The film is about a detective and a mind travel expert that jump into the mind of a terrorist to find the location of a bomb before it detonates. During their time in the mind, they are faced with different hurdles that have been put in place by the terrorist's mind. "A race through the mind to save lives..." Will they make it through their mind travel mission, find the bomb location and ultimately prevent the destruction of a radical terrorist attack on the city?


Emily Suttle - Lindie Van Der Merwe


Writer - Judith Stewart
Director - Olli Tahtinen
Associate Producer - Simone Sutton
Associate Producer - Olli Tähtinen
Cinematographer - Nathan Prior
Production Designer - Stefan Viljoen-Els
Editor - Olli Tähtinen
Sound Design - Dawie Roux
Composer - Keagan Higgins
Data Wrangler - Olli Tahtinen


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