Graduation Festival
AFDA Study Year: 3rd Year
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 12
Rating: 16
Viewing Restriction: LV


The story is about two neighbours. The protagonist Mary, and the antagonists, Hansie and Luna. Mary suffers from breast cancer. Hansie and Luna struggles with drug addiction. For years Mary has seen Hansie getting more and more violent and abusive towards his dog. She has tried to intervene several times, which has caused a conflict between the two neighbours. One day when Hansie and Luna are desperate for “medicine” to calm their withdrawal symptoms, Hansie figures that Mary might have morphine because of her cancer treatment. His suspicion causes them to start plotting against Mary and it all builds up to a point of confrontation. All of a sudden Mary finds herself in a conflict she can’t escape.


Ilse van Niekerk - Mary
Melani-Roxanne Breedt - Luna
Aobakwe Louw - Hansie


Writer - Mathias Fossdal
Director - Mathias Fossdal
Executive Producer - Eloise Gouws
Assitant Producer - Nasreen Ebrahim
Cinematographer - Martin Hagen
Production Designer - Ryan Reid-Thomson
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Kaylene Overall & Ryan Reid-Thomson
Editor - Silje Hagen
Sound Design - Colin Daniel
Data Wrangler - Martin Hagen
Colourist/Grader - Martin Hagen



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