Graduation Festival
AFDA Study Year: 2017
Genre: Drama Comedy
Running Time: 12
Rating: L,V
Viewing Restriction: 16


A prideful Chess Boxer must set aside his selfish goals if he is to avoid undermining the efforts of his team and isolating himself from their endeavours.


Alexander Patterson Jones - Cory - Casey Milledge- Werner
Darragh Concannon - Dirk - Paul Roux - Teammate
Alessandro Mascheroni - Teammate - Laurent de Edemille - Teammate
Carl Heinz Rennie - Opposing Teammate - Regine Craythorne- Cory's Mom
Thomas Coul - Commentator - Nancy Sekhokoane - Commentator
Helmut - Sispho Fritsche - Opposing teammate extra - Kieran Cuff - Opposing teammate extra


Writer - Adam Hansen
Director - Adam Hansen
Executive Producer - Chris Oliver
Associate Producer - Chris Oliver
Associate Producer - Chris Oliver
Assitant Producer - Sam Pelteret
Cinematographer - Alexandre Ortscheit
Production Designer - Berto Van Taak
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Ornella Steduto
Editor - Alex La Cock
Sound Design - Alex La Cock
Composer - Alex La Cock
Visual Effects - N/A
Data Wrangler - Katrien de Kock
Colourist/Grader - Alex Ortscheit



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