Graduation Festival
AFDA Study Year: 3rd
Genre: Drama
Running Time: 12
Viewing Restriction: 16


An estranged father, Noah, tries to rekindle his relationship with his teenage daughter, Ruth, after years of being absent from her life. As Noah spends time with Ruth and redeem himself, he is plagued by visions of his own guilt, causing him to act in an irredeemable manner.


Noah - Andre Lombard
Ruth - Ruth Plasket
Eva - Gabrielle Kahts
Jude - Carin Bester


Writer - Wynand Louw
Director - Wynand Louw
Executive Producer - Matthew Townsend
Associate Producer - David Clifford-Holmes
Associate Producer - Sionne Postlethwaite
Assitant Producer - Sionne Postlethwaite
Cinematographer - Alex laCock
Production Designer - Alex laCock
Costume, Make-up and Styling - Alex laCock
Editor - Katrien De Kock
Sound Design - David Clifford-Holmes



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