Where can I get a copy of the The AFDA School of Business Innovation and Technology Prospectus?

Download the prospectus under the Prospectus category of KEY DOCUMENTS here >

How does The AFDA School of Business Innovation and Technology BCom differ to a BCOM type degree at other Universities?

Our BCom degree has a number of elements that are similar to a traditional commerce degree in order to ensure its underlying credibility. However it is unique in that it focuses on (not exclusively) the creative economy. These include entertainment & leisure, communication & media and arts & culture. These industries in turn, converge with a large number of diverse industries & sectors often referred to as the “Internet of Things”.

The AFDA School of Business and Innovation pedagogic approach utilises a number of highly successful and progressive learning strategies which include:

  1. Individual & integrated outcomes
  2. Vocational specialisation and collaboration
  3. Market-related outcomes and assessment
  4. Goal and challenge based learning

What companies will recognise the BCom degree? Where will I work?

All companies in the new economy will be looking for people ready to face the revolution with imagination, creativity and innovation. But more importantly, the BCom is designed to encourage graduates to create their own products, services, technology and companies.

"The days of companies with names like General Electric, General Mills and General Motors are over.  The money on the table is like krill:  a billion little entrepreneurial opportunities that can be discovered and exploited by smart creative people." - Cory Doctorow

What is the duration of the BCom course?

The Bachelor of Commerce degree is a 3 year full-time course which will run alongside AFDA’s other undergraduate degrees.

Will there be exams in The AFDA School of Business and Innovation programmes?

The Bachelor of Commerce in Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship (BCom) has an outcomes-based learning process and assessments. There are no written exams.

What makes the AFDA School of Business Innovation and Technology unique?

  1. It's about imagination
  2. It's about creativity
  3. It's about innovation
  4. It's about collaboration
  5. It's about specialisation
  6. It's about vocation
  7. It's about creating your own future
  8. It's about your social business network
  9. It's about being an entrepreneur in the new millennia
  10. It's about an attitude to disruptive technology
  11. It's about YOU


AFDA is the South African School of Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance, and is registered with the Department of Higher Education and Training as a private higher education institution under the Higher Education Act, 1997. Registration certificate no. 2001/HE07/012.

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