20 September 2017, Legends

“Lecturing at AFDA is one of the best things that happened to me, both on an individual/personal level and as a lecturer. It has opened many possibilities to grow, learn and educate. Meeting different students from different backgrounds is one of the highlights about being a lecturer at AFDA, it opens one to new ideas, new ways of thinking and a new way of seeing the world. Being an AFDA alumnus myself, my position challenges me to always bring out the best in me in terms of what I deliver to the students. It also inspires me to learn more about the field of my work which is Television.”

Born and bred in Kimberley, Anthony also known as ‘Shimi’ is an AFDA Cape Town alumnus – earning a Bachelor of Arts in Motion picture. He went on to specialize in television production in his post-graduate honours studies in 2014. In both his third and fourth year at AFDA he graduated as best television writer for scripting the productions “Impilo” and “Ilifa’lam”. His television career started as an intern on Cape Town TV while studying and later went to work at eTV Cape Town as a media room coordinator on a full time basis. Anthony joined the AFDA Cape Town team as a member of staff in 2015 as a television lecturer and now holds the position of Head of Television School.

In 2015 he was nominated for a South African Hip Hop Award in the category of “King of the Northern Cape” for his extensive work he has done in developing, promoting and growing hip hop in the Northern Cape. In 2016 he wrote and self-published in his first book titled “Ghetto Child Stories”. Anthony is currently studying at AFDA towards his Master’s degree.


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