12 July 2019, News

AFDA Live Performance students, staff and alumni are not only impressing audiences with their talents, but are picking up awards and prizes, on home soil and abroad. A hugely successful run by the AFDA Johannesburg honours students’ production “PHITLO” at the National Arts Festival in Makhanda was rewarded with the Ovation Award for Best Ensemble award while 22 year old AFDA Cape Town Live Performance alumnus singer Amaron Borchards won the Applause Rising Talent Showcase (ARTS) in Orlando, Florida. The ARTS is an international platform where actors, dancers, singers and models from all over the world are exposed to international agencies in the entertainment industry.

AFDA Johannesburg Head of Postgraduate School, Francois Smit, was so over the moon, he almost had too much to say:

“Sending students to the National Arts Festival in Makhanda is always a highlight of Honours Degree for the Live Performance students and staff. As an educational institution, our goal is to show students the Live Performance industry at its best, and to be on stage with a production that is made for that specific audience. 

Giving students the free reign and careful guidance to be able to make the best of that chance of mingling with the industry on an eye to eye level (on a stage) is even more thrilling, when they are recognised as equals and are welcomed into that close knit Live Performance Community and awarded for their investment. Receiving the Ovation Award for Best Ensemble was just a confirmation of that which Rob Murray (LP Postgraduate Lecturer) and the rest of the AFDA Staff saw in the Philto cast.  

The colleagues that saw the hidden gems in the glint of the students eyes in January are however the ones that need to also hear that we (not just AFDA but the Entertainment Industry) are thankful for the investment they make (and continue making) toward the students. Sometimes, being an educator is challenging. Unthankful. But sowing the seeds of critical thinking and trusting “the future” with that knowledge and skill is what educating is about. Well done, and thank you! We do not often made aware of that investment – but thank you for reminding us of that investment by sharing the perspective of these talented artists with all of us.”  

Need we say more…



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