03 June 2019, Alumni of the week

AFDA alumnus Jan Joubert is an Art-Psychotherapist, Filmmaker, Painter, Writer and Film Editor. 

Jan works with adults in private practice and as a counsellor for children and youth in BC, Canada, where he attained a Masters degree as an Art-Therapist. He brings his broad-creative range to his practice, combined with a knack for depth-psychology and dream-work, Indigenous methods and cultural-intelligence. He is also highly skilled with mindfulness practices, having been a meditator for over 15 years.

Being an advent painter and creator of highly stylized, evocative artworks forms the centre-point for his practice as an art-therapist as well as the well of inspiration for his creative endeavours in writing and filmmaking. In this, Jan has written two books, screenplays and often writes short fiction.

As an editor, his work has been broadcasted internationally, from National Geographic to the ZDF in Germany and the BBC. 

He attained an undergraduate degree with a major in Writing & Directing for Animation from AFDA in 2005, and subsequently attained an additional major in Psychology from UNISA in 2013. He furthermore has taken many leadership and business-management diplomas from various institutes, including BCIT in Vancouver, BC. He also attained a creative writing diploma from UBC in Vancouver. 

He continues to produce several paintings a month and is concluding a therapeutic case study book as well as a work of fiction. His life, in Nelson, BC, Canada, is centred around wellbeing and creativity. 

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