22 May 2019, Alumni of the week

AFDA Johannesburg alumni, Melissa Parry, recently picked up two prestigious awards in one week for Best Cinematography for her work on the film “Birth of Pride” at the European and Asian Cinematography Awards.

“Wow! This is an amazing feeling. Asia and Europe are showing their love in ways I didn't anticipate. Such a high to be chosen for Best Editing twice in one week!” says Melissa

She graduated from AFDA with a Honours degree in Motion Medium Picture (2004). Since graduating Melissa has been working in the South African entertainment industry as a freelance editor in a range of genres since 2005. Her work experience has been gained through the relationships that she has nurtured with the directors and producers she works with, and word-of-mouth referrals .Melissa has vigorously pursued opportunities to expand her skills set as an editor, through multiple workshops and masterclasses. She is a member of SAGE (South African Guild of Editors)

“I believe the process of editing to be extremely systematic, however within the system there is a chaotic, organic substance called story that must be shaped, moulded, and nurtured into existence - this is where the editor steps in, using creativity and intuition while remaining truthful to the material. As Dede Allen said, “I cut with my gut”. As a professional I am fascinated by this concept; the balance between the gut and the intellect. Editing is about perception and emotive response, both of which exist in the realm of subjectivity; my aspiration is that more producers and directors in South Africa see the editor as a collaborator.” says Melissa.

She has worked on various feature films including; Stone Cold Jane Austen (2014), Inpunity (2014), Elelwani (2012) which was  South Africa’s Official Entry for Best Foreign Language Film for the 87th Academy Awards 2015, Zama Zama (2011) which won Best Feature Film at the Jozi  Film Festival 2013, Le Boeuf Sur Le Toit (2010), Monna Wammino-The Mike Masote Story (2010) and Long Street (2009).

Melissa also has worked on a number of animation productions, 5 Pound Money Order Receipt being one of them.

Melissa has edited a list of documentary films such as; Legends of the Casbah (2012), Cassette: Who do you Trust (2012), So Where To (2010), Soccer South of Umbilo (2007), Living the Hiplife (2006), I Mike What I Like (2006).

Melissa is no stranger to television either, boasting her editing skills on the productions; Shreds and Dreams (2014), Swartwater (2014), End Game (2013), Intersexions (2013), Skeem Saam (2013) and Wild at Heart (2010).

As for needing an break, Melissa has plied her trade on commercials too – Cell C Sharks-Super Rugby & Celebrating Heritage (2014), Young Solutions –Sony Hunter (2011) and Omo 2500 Socks (2008) to name a few.

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