02 November 2018, News

Is he:

A mythical being who’s travelled from distant planets in the Sonarverse. He’s a refugee of Xi, who has created a new sound – XiFi?

An AFDA Masters (MFA) alumnus?

An AFDA Cape Town lecturer?

An active musician with international touring experience, passionate about education and skills


An experienced computer technology expert with specialisation in audio and video post


A South African rock climbing champion in the Under 16 age category in 1995?

A participant at World Youth Rock Climbing Championships, Moscow, 1996?

The youngest South African to summit Mont Blanc, France?

The answer is all of the above and he goes by the earthling name of Nick Mathews.

Nick/DJ inviZAble recently released his new album, “XiFi”, on the 26 October and has received rave reviews from the critics. Texx and the City had this to say -   An expansive, genre-bridging cultural melting pot of a dance music album. “XiFi” is a staggering amalgamation of African electro tangents, wrapped in cinematic soundscapes and unexpected genre switches. Earthy, cultural textures are rife and rippling, rubbing shoulders comfortably with cumulative electronic builds and deeply satisfying drops.

“XiFi” includes the track ‘Mhlaba Ne Zulu’, featuring the world renowned South African band BCUC and the tracks, ‘Nonkala,’ and ‘Intliziyo Yam’ featuring Yolanda Fyrus.

Nick/DJ inviZAble will also launch a remix album in the next two months which will include the likes of RMBO from BLK JKS, Thandi Draai, Kusasa, Jackie Queens, Kevin Ribbans, Matthew Loots and Cornelius, who’s been killing it in Berlin with the Red Bull guys.

DJ inviZAble has morphed into a bigger creative project. It is not just about the music – DJ inviZAble recently had a successful exhibition at the Everard Read Gallery in Cape Town a graphic novel coming and of course there is ‘The Skorofietsie’ which was incorporated into the exhibition, but it’s a standalone street performance in its own right. It’s basically a sound system on a bicycle.

Link to Album:


Before “XiFi”, Nick/DJ inviZAble, while lecturing at AFDA, has been involved a number of film and musical project. Check out his film and discography:


2014 DJ InviZAble - No Apologies E.P.

  • Arranger, Producer

2013 Gazelle - The Rise & Fall Of An Empire

  • Composer

2012 Gazelle - The Revolution Will Be Remixed

  • Producer

2009 Gazelle - Chic Afrique

  • Composer, Producer

2008 CODA - African Renaissance

  • Co-Composer

2007 Iridium Project - Stroboscope

  • Composer, Producer

2006 CODA - Believe

  • Arranger, Co-Producer

2005 Iridium Project - Sequenced Funk

  • Composer, Producer


2017 Wishing For Wellness (Documentary Short)

  • Director/Producer/Editor/Sound Designer

2016 Cradle of Chords (MFA Outcome Project)

  • Director/Writer

2014 Speak Up (Music Video)

  • Executive Producer

2011 Chic Afrique (Music Video)

  • Executive Producer

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