24 October 2018, Alumni of the week

AFDA Cape Town Live Performance Honours graduate (2016), Motheo Madisa, took no time to make an impression in the South African theatre industry. In his Honours year at AFDA Motheo was cast as Enoch in the Rosebank theatre production of Cattle Drive, the production was Motheos first professional production and ran for 9 weeks. For his role as Enoch Motheo was nominated for 2 Fleur du Cup theatre awards for best supporting character and original score and sound scape with Nlhanlha Mkwanazie. He also starred in Kwa Manzie which ran at the Rosebank theatre in Cape Town.

Motheo grew up in Gaborone, Botswana and moved to Cape Town after he completed his IGCSE studies at Maru-A-Pula high school in Gaborone where he was first introduced to the dramatic arts. Although he flourished in the subject and performed in lead roles in some of the schools productions, Motheo was still not convinced that this was the right career choice for him as he never thought he could he could make a career out of it.  Moving to Cape Town changed all this for him. His love for the arts was developed and with the support of his parents he took the leap of faith and applied to AFDA where he received his training in live performance and with the help and teachings from his lectures found the love for performance.

Motheo tells us about his lecturers at AFDA, “The introduction of Chris Weare and Liz Mills was amazing in my life as a young performer. They made live performance not only a place of learning but turned our class into a family. For me they taught me that the body is the one thing that one should take care of as it is what we use to portray characters, the way to prepare and interrogate each character in order to bring out a believable performance was one of the interesting things we would.do as a class. Not only did we have arguably two of the best people in actor training, but the amount of people they would bring in to give us master classes was also beneficial as we got to hear and learn from industry professionals which was amazing for my training.

One of the lecturers Chris and Liz brought in was Lara Bye who came in to direct my experimental peace in third year. She brought in years of experience but also showered us with love in the rehearsal space, not only was it fun going to rehearsals, but through the games and exercises Lara made us do, we uncovered different aspects of our characters. Lara challenged us throughout the rehearsal process which was a good thing because we only expected the best from each other.”

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