08 October 2018, Alumni Featured

Apart from working in film, television and theatre, AFDA alumni also are front runners in the music video and commercials industry, making their thumb print globally famous with the enormous amount of hits their products receive and generate on Youtube.

Alumnus Terrence Neale, is standing on the shoulders of giants. If we take just 4 out of the hundreds of music videos he has made and add up the number of hits the videos have received on Youtube, we calculate the staggering sum total of over 410 million hits:

172 million – Baby’s on Fire, Die Antwoord

135 million – Skrillex Ragga Bomb

71 million – Banana Brain, Die Antwoord

49 million – Fatty Boom Boom, Die Antwoord

Another alumni Youtube sensation is Karien Cherry, who directed the KFC football world cup commercial which went viral after Brazilian footballer Neymar’s antics on the field at the world cup. Thousands of videos swamped the world wide web imitating Neymar and Karin’s KFC commercial.

Alumnus, Miklas Manneke, may not have received millions of hits, but warmed the hearts of Youtubers worldwide. He travelled the world filming over 400 strangers dancing across the globe, and it went viral on social media.

He started the project after impulsively asking someone to dance for him while filming them in China. The impulse decision in China led to a two-year journey around the globe by Miklas, filming people dancing while travelling to over 20 countries with his multi-award winning AFDA honours graduation film, Kanye Kanye.

The culmination of the project, a YouTube video posted in March 2018, has since gathered over 13 00 views. 

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