08 October 2018, Alumni Featured


Over the last 24 years, since the start of AFDA in 1994, with six students and a broken VHS machine, AFDA alumni have worked in key positions in over 160 local and international feature films. For three years running alumni films were selected as the South African candidate in the Foreign Film category for the Oscars - Thina Sibabili, directed by Ernest Nkosi, Noem My Skollie, directed by Daryne Joshua and The Wound, produced by Cait Pansegrouw and Elias Ribeiro. The film, Supa Modo, written by alumnus Silas Miami, has recently been selected as the Kenyan candidate 2019 Oscars.

Browse through the impressive list below and tick off those you have seen.

Spiderman, Black Panther, Nommer 37, Ellen: Die Ellen Pakkies Storie, Stroomop, Kanarie, Five Fingers for Marseille, Susters, Raaiselkind, Thys & Trix, Looking for Love, God is African,  Soldiers of the Rock,  Footskating,  Footskating 2 –straight out of Benoni, Bunnychow, The Flyer, Ouma se Slim Kind, Bakgat 1,Bakgat 2, Bakgat 3,  Nightdrive,  Hoofmeise,  Superhelde, Zama Zama, Long Street, Man on the ground, Casting me,  Faan se Trein,  Skoonheid,  Shirley Adams,  Ek Joke Net,  Faan se Trein,  Hard to get,  I declare you black and white, Anica’s movie, Angel of the skies, Man on the ground,  How to steal 2 million, Lyfstraf, The Boers of Patagonia, Crumbs,  Hear me Move, Die Windpomp, Strikdas, Pad na jou hart, Mooi Rivier, Semi Soet,  Hollywood in my huis, The one you Love, The Prequel to the Chainsaw Massacre, The Ninja Turtles (remake), Darkness must fall, Invasion LA, Space Chimps, Star Trek (the movie), Ballade vir n Enkeling, Wolwedans in die Skemer, Skeem, Leading Lady, Gog Helen, Othello Burning, Wrath of the Titans, Four Corners,  Material, Necktie Youth,  Mannetjies Roux, Thina Sobalili ,  iNumber iNumber, Suurlemoen, Veraaiers, As jy sing, State of Violence, Bang Bang Club, Fanie se Labola, Lucky,  Klein Karoo, Jimmy in Pienk,  Platteland,  Pretville, Between Friends, Eternity, Triomf, Blitzpatrollie, Spoon, Pray for Death, A Lucky Man, Paradise Stop,  Sleepers Wake, Ek Joke net 2, Musiek vir die agtergrond,  Roepman, Agent 2000 – die Laksman, Homecoming, Die Ontwaking, Sonskyn Beperk, Sink, Modder en Bloed, Veskieterende Ster, Free State, Uitvlugt, Dis Kou Kos Skat, Noem My Skollie,  Vir Die Voels, Jou Romeo, Sy Klink Soos Lente, Vaselientjie, Happiness is a four letter word,  Mrs Right Guy, Safebet, Hatchet Hour, My Fathers War, Twee Grade van Moord, Treurgrond, Vir Altyd, Battle: Los Angeles, Straight Outa Benoni, Gog Helen, Vaya,  Roepman, Kalushi, Beyond the River, Assignment,  The Wound, The Suit, Last Broken Darkness, Ballade vir ‘n Enkeling, Supa Modo

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