Health Insurance

Recent changes to visa regulations in South Africa specify that all international students taking up studies in South Africa must comply with visa regulations in the Immigration Act (Act No. 13 0f 2002).

This Regulation 10(1)(h) stipulates that:

A .An applicant for a study permit shall submit: (h) proof of medical cover with a medical scheme registered in terms of the Medical Schemes Act, 1998 (Act No. 131 of 1998) or other medical insurance cover recognized in the Republic.

From this it is AFDA’s interpretation that all international students wishing to take up studies in South Africa must be in possession of appropriate medical cover with a registered South African medical scheme for the duration of their studies.  This minimum basic cover as prescribed in the Medical Schemes Act can be obtained through very affordable medical scheme products, that are specifically suited to the needs of international students.

Although some foreign medical insurance products are acceptable to some South African embassies or diplomatic missions abroad for purposes of securing a study visa, in accordance with the Immigration Act; for academic registration, AFDA will only accept proof of medical cover with a South African registered medical scheme.

In this regard students are recommend to apply for medical cover through the relevant appointed Absa Healthcare Consultants (ABSA HCC) who are specialist health cover intermediaries and who aims to to assist international students with obtaining appropriate medical cover. For more information or assistance with you medical aid application please contact ABSA HC:

Contact person: Mr Jacques van der Merwe (ABSA Consultants and Actuaries) Tel: +27 21 941 8900 Email:

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