The AFDA Graduation Festival is held annually in the month of November. This festival showcases 3rd year, 4th year and master's film and television graduation productions. The festival is a platform to promote the young professionals whom will soon enter into the film and television industry.

Students conceptualize and produce this graduation film by making use of their newly discovered artistic expression but creating a film that is commercially viable. At the festival a panel of industry professionals assess the film and opportunity is given for an audience response. The festival sees many industry professionals, alumni and general public join us whilst we celebrate the exhibition and promotion of our young film makers and their films.

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Blue Midnight

Cape Town Production 2016

234 Votes

After being released from prison for a crime he did not commit. Elijah seeks revenge on those who framed him while trying to repair a relationship with his daughter. whenever he spends time with his daughter he puts her life in danger and hurts more life's than he intended to when the two worlds collide.


Genre: Thriller
Running Time: 12min
Rating: LV
Viewing Restriction: 16
Year: AFDA 3rd year production


Elijah - Andrew Jones-Davies
Rachel - Andria Kok
Kipp - Alexander Johnson
Iris - Christie Serfontein
Martin - Jaryd Pillay


Writer: Ilke Opperman
Director: Ilke Opperman
Executive Producer: AFDA
Associate Producer: Trent Webster
Associate Producer: Julia Ferguson
Cinematographer: Junaid Singh
Production Designer: Caleb Wolfaardt
Costume, Make-up and Styling: Chinita Olivier
Editor: Kirsten Holman
Sound Design: Irina Randriamandrato
Composer: Irina Randriamandrato
Colourist/Grader: Junaid Singh

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