The AFDA Graduation Festival is held annually in the month of November. This festival showcases 3rd year, 4th year and master's film and television graduation productions. The festival is a platform to promote the young professionals whom will soon enter into the film and television industry.

Students conceptualize and produce this graduation film by making use of their newly discovered artistic expression but creating a film that is commercially viable. At the festival a panel of industry professionals assess the film and opportunity is given for an audience response. The festival sees many industry professionals, alumni and general public join us whilst we celebrate the exhibition and promotion of our young film makers and their films.

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Durban Production 2016

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Immortalita is an AFDA Graduation Film. Set in a world that thrives on fame, sex and murder, the story follows Talita & her dangerous journey to fame. Talita had always wanted the life of a celebrity and to be adored by thousands. However, her circumstances did not allow for the life she wanted, so she changed her circumstances. Years later and Talita is South Africa’s most beautiful and loved model in the country. But things are about to change as an investigation regarding her parents death is reopened. With her past returning to haunt her and a mysterious woman hunting her, Talita’s life and legacy is at risk. Secrets will be revealed, blood will spill, and stars will be born.


Genre: CrimeDrama
Running Time: 12min
Rating: LSV
Viewing Restriction: 18
Year: AFDA 3rd year production


Talita - Jessica-Louise Salt
Lily - Madison Lemos
Virginia - Shannon Rose
The Bartender - Nidaal Hassim


Writer: Mikhale Singh
Director: Sana Siddiqi
Executive Producer: Preven Reddy
Associate Producer: AFDA Durban
Assitant Producer: Sarah MacQuilliam
Cinematographer: Liam Bartels
Production Designer: Monique Coetzee
Costume, Make-up and Styling: Monique Coetzee
Editor: Tyler Pot
Sound Design: Matthew Cuthbert
Composer: Deemo
Visual Effects: Amy Hawthorn
Colourist/Grader: Natalie Gore

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