The AFDA Graduation Festival is held annually in the month of November. This festival showcases 3rd year, 4th year and master's film and television graduation productions. The festival is a platform to promote the young professionals whom will soon enter into the film and television industry.

Students conceptualize and produce this graduation film by making use of their newly discovered artistic expression but creating a film that is commercially viable. At the festival a panel of industry professionals assess the film and opportunity is given for an audience response. The festival sees many industry professionals, alumni and general public join us whilst we celebrate the exhibition and promotion of our young film makers and their films.

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Cape Town Production 2014

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Victor’s (Luke Brown) newly engaged fiancé (Lauren Boehnke) insisted on meeting his family before their wedding. Victor takes her home to meet his uncle (Richard Higgs) for Christmas Eve. However, a supposedly merry Christmas dinner quickly turns cold when Victor realizes he’s stuck yet again with his sly uncle who raised him as a young boy after his father’s imprisonment for killing his mother. Knowing that his uncle is the real reason for his family trauma when he started a relationship with his mother, Victor struggles desperately to stay at good table manners as his uncle drags distasteful emotions out of him that sparks still sore memories of his traumatic childhood. Victor’s fiancé soon finds herself stuck in the middle of a decade old conflict between Victor and his uncle when words no longer apply and aggression is called for. History repeats itself between the father, mother and uncle triangle; but this time with Victor as the youngest family member representing his father, and his fiancé stuck in the middle as his mother, with his uncle right where he always was. In the middle of it all.


Genre: Drama
Running Time: 12min
Rating: LV
Viewing Restriction: PG13
Year: AFDA 3rd year production


Victor - Luke Brown
Amy - Lauren Boehnke
Uncle John - Richard Higgs
Victor's mother - Allana Aldridge
Young Victor - Noah Kahn


Writer: Kobus Louw
Director: Kobus Louw
Executive Producer: AFDA
Associate Producer: Georgia Carstens
Cinematographer: Enrico Quintas
Production Designer: Georgia Carstens
Costume, Make-up and Styling: Cassandra Rowland and Klarese Nel
Editor: Martin Ask Eriksen
Sound Design: Edward King
Composer: Edward King

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