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Meet AFDA’s #InnovatorsoftheFuture

June 28, 2017 12:25 pm

“In the future, I see myself as a money-maker & world shaker. I believe in empowering myself as much as possible and therefore honours is a must for me. Once I’ve graduated from AFDA, I would like to go home and create employment opportunities in my community. I guess I am quite diplomatic. My first business would be a restaurant, as I love food and the prospect of franchising. For me, success is all about having the freedom and independence to do what I want, when I want.”

Siyabonga Mlotshwa, 1st year BCOM in Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship student at AFDA Johannesburg


Top of FormBottom of Form“I am currently partnering with a colleague to start my own business in the media industry. To me, a leader is aware of their surroundings and the feelings of others. Obtaining a scholarship to study at AFDA, I realised that you don’t need to let your background or current circumstance define you. I live in an area where there is a large amount of unemployment, crime and drugs. I would like to use the knowledge gained at AFDA to make a positive impact on my community and to create jobs for the youth.”

Jessica Ntokozo, 2nd year Bachelor of Commerce in Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship student at AFDA Johannesburg.



“Its Great to be back in South Africa, specifically in Johannesburg, for my tertiary studies at AFDA, coming from a small town to a fast paced city, has changed the way I look at business as a whole. The AFDA BCom degree has changed the way I think psychologically and the way I analyse the business world. Im definitely not the same person I came in as before starting my studies at AFDA. The business world is changing, and this BCom Degree helps me to change with it. I really like the AFDA atmosphere and its strong arts culture, I’ve slowly gelled in and its become my beloved home.”

~Mike Kawonde 2nd Year BIT, BCom International Student from Zimbabwe, AFDA Jhb.


“When I tell people that I am studying a BCom degree in Business Innovation at AFDA, they are truly amazed and impressed by what we do and learn. I have always possessed a passion for the arts. However, as much as I loved the arts and entertainment, so lay a desire for technology and innovation. This BCom degree has simply brought my two passions together, hence a perfect pathway of opportunity to my career. I have specifically taken a liking to Business Leadership as I really enjoy working, motivating and ushering a team into success and accomplishment. My recent assignment has taught me how businesses function and to look at businesses and their marketing strategies from a whole other perspective as well. It has taught me basic components to starting up a business/company. Here at AFDA, I strive to gain a new perspective on life, looking at the world in a new and innovative way and pushing the boundaries of my successes to be the ultimate best that I can be. I believe my responsibility to society through my degree is to innovate and find a solution to a problem experienced by consumers and utilize technology, as business cannot be spoken about separately without technology in the era that we live in.

Edwin Chetty – 2nd  BCom student  (Business Innovation)


“Often in life we afraid to go out there, experience and enjoy life and at the same time be uncomfortable a by trying to adjust to our new place. Missing family and stepping away from home and loved ones. Why… because we are so used to being comfortable? Especially myself coming from a country where everything is so free and family means everything. Coming to Cape Town from Botswana as an International student has been the most eye opening awesome experience ever! The best decision I have ever made in my life was to enroll with AFDA Cape Town, I just didn’t need a change of environment but I needed the quality of education that would make me stand out from the rest of the crowd, being in business and not just any other but Arts in business. I guarantee you the best is yet to come, watch this space!”

Eunice Kerekang
from Botswana, 1st year B Com student at AFDA Cape Town


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