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Labyrinth of Lacuna released through Madefire Reader

November 10, 2016 1:15 pm

AFDA Durban’s Cinematography / Image & Data Disc lecturer, Damien Tomaselli’s Motion Book, Labyrinth of Lacuna, was released through the Madefire Reader and is featured on the front page of the reader under ‘Indies’ . The reader hosts titles from a variety of publishers including DC, IDW, Dark Horse and others. There is also an indie section where outstanding independent content may be showcased.

Damien conceptualized, photographed, directed, photo-manipulated and built Labyrinth of Lacuna.   The project took  a year and a half to complete and had a number of AFDA Durban students who worked on the project

Liana Hassim (Conceptulization & executive producer)

Tayla-Kate van Rooyen (Actress)

Bronwyn Whitehead (Make Up)

Hannah Sieweke (Make Up)

Michaela Carter (Make Up)

Daniel Bate (Lighting assistant)

Robyn Price (Lighting assistant)

Madefire Motion books are intended to re-engineer images words and make use of movement and audio to optimise a digital reading experience and are built using the Madefire tool. The app is available on iOS, Android, Windows platforms as well as through Deviant Art, Apple TV and recently became the first comic book company to release Motion Book in virtual reality, forming a partnership with Oculus.

Labyrinth of Lacuna:

Her whispers glow…deeper.
Since she was a child Chrissy sought the warmth of her imaginarium. She followed her ‘glow bug’ deep into the heart of her own imagination, but somewhere on her journey she lost her way, leaving her trapped in the chills of a dark emptiness. A labyrinth so deep she may never be able to claw her way out. After countless breaths of waiting for the light to return Chrissy finally gives into despair. Will she ever again feel the warmth of the ‘glow’ to this dark place?

The new motion book will be featured on the Madefire Reader. Here is a trailer

Labyrinth of Lacuna is available on iOS, Windows, Android and Web through Madefire here:


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