AFDA Parents

AFDA applicants should under no circumstances pay agents or third party entities to facilitate their application and acceptance to AFDA. AFDA works with accredited agents and online representatives whom are remunerated by AFDA. Kindly contact if for any queries on this matter.

Supporting the academic and social development of your child is imperative for success here at AFDA, even if this happens from a distance or on the side line. We greatly rely on relationships built with parents and other educators that directly or indirectly influence the wellness and success of our learners.

Parents might find the following tips useful in supporting youthfuls as they find their way around this new study and living environment:

  1. Respect your child’s new boundaries and new found interests

  2. Send encouraging messages or praise to your child, especially around class attendance, good results received or disappointment with poor results

  3. Remind your child that AFDA offers academic support services free of charge

  4. Offer assistance and advice but allow your child to find and act on the solution

  5. Stay informed about AFDA and your child’s progress – ask relevant questions about recent assessments, their friends and their travelling in and around Cape Town.

  6. Learn their lingo!

  7. Gain a better understanding of prevailing generational gaps and differences will assist parents to improve their cross generational interaction and communication with the learner affected. If your child was born during 1977 and 1994 they will be referred to as Generation Y, Echo Boomers or Millenniums. Children born during 1995 and 2012 are referred to as Generation Z.

Should you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact the International Student Affairs please Nadia Chalkley / / +27 021 448 7600.

The safety and security of a child is probably one of the most important considerations for any parent when travelling or staying abroad. AFDA understands this and encourages learners to stay in close proximity of the campuses and preferably in AFDA recommended accommodation. Information on such accommodation is communicated to students prior to arrival.

Furthermore International learners are provided with relevant emergency numbers, as well as the mobile number of the International Student Affairs officer, in case of emergency. Students are encouraged to raise any issues that pertain to their safety and wellness to AFDA immediately.

Prior to arrival and during orientation, vital safety information is shared with learners to prepare them for their new environment. Parents and students can review the below information/ links together as additional preparation for the arrival.

Despite facing negative press coverage in some instances around matters of safety, South Africa remains one of the top three tourism destination countries in the world (World Tourism Council). The South African Police Service and Private Protection entities have done much in terms of increasing tactical crime fighting initiatives. For the period 2015 alone SAPS received 2.5 billion rand over the mid-term expenditure framework to improve detective and forensic capability while the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development received 1.2 billion rand to revamp the criminal justice sector.

Feel free to look at the following sites for tips and information. (Book available at AFDA Johannesburg and Cape Town library as resource)