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“Husse met Lang Ore” screening in Tbilisi – Georgia

April 21, 2017 1:13 pm

AFDA Cape Town 2016 graduation animation film, “Husse met Lang Ore”, written and directed by Alma Swart, has been selected to screen in the Official Competition Program of Tbilisi International Student Film Festival 2017, which will run in Tbilisi, Georgia from 31 May to 4 June.


Congratulations to the cast and crew!!!!

Husse Met Lang Ore

In a society where animals live as humans, the animals of Woudedorp live a safe and happy life in a village in the forest. Melanie, a hus with long ears grew up with her family of owls but because of the stereotype that husse are evil she has to hide her true identity. When criminal acts are increasing in Woudedorp, Melanie gets labeled a thief and has to run away from home to protect herself and her family. Alas, her parents get arrested and it is up to Melanie and her new found friends to save them. Just as they thought things could not get worse the town floods and it is up to Melanie and the ‘husse’ to come to Woudedorp’s rescue.


Melanie – Janique Viljoen
Mamma Uil – Andria Kok
Pappa Uil – Alto de Kock
Pippie – Mimi-Mari Gobel
Magriet – Rochelle Odendaal
Lollie – Loané van Sandwyk


Writer: Alme Swart
Director: Alme Swart
Executive Producer: AFDA
Associate Producer: Gretchen Pirzl
Editor: Damian Maher
Sound Design: Petronella Van Der Berg
Composer: Talya Goldmann
Visual Effects: Janique Viljoen


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