Happy Earth Co Win @ Los Angeles Film Awards

November 16, 2016 12:01 pm

AFDA Cape Town 2014 multi-award winning graduation film, “Happy Earth Co” has scooped up yet another international award. Hylton Jandrell and his crew picked up the Best Dark Comedy Film award at the Los Angeles Film Awards 2016.

Congratulations to the cast &crew!!!!!

Happy Earth Co

Happy Earth Co. is a story about entrapment in a so-called “free world.” Based in the not-so-distant-future; 2050 to be precise. A man named John, lives in the heart of a smog filled, polluted megacity of depressed citizens. John works in the drab, dull Sales department of Happy Earth Co. The Company releases their new product, the “Ecstatic 1000,” a device that guarantees happiness to anyone who uses it. It’s an instant success. However, little known to John, his co-workers and the rest of the deranged city, Happy Earth Co’s real intentions aren’t as sincere as everyone thinks


Genre: DarkComedy
Running Time: 12min
Rating: LV
Viewing Restriction: PG13
Year: AFDA 3rd year production


John – Eric Nikolaus Kwasnjuk.
Stella – Chanel Katz
Mr. X-tatic – Nic Eedes
Mr. H – Estian Van Rensburg
Shadow – Jessica Ledger


Writer: Hylton Jandrell
Director: Hylton Jandrell
Executive Producer: AFDA
Associate Producer: Henrik Tjore
Cinematographer: Jake Levy
Production Designer: Jason Broderick
Costume, Make-up and Styling: Catherine Bester & Angela Pereira
Editor: Stephanie Traut
Sound Design: Joe Vink
Visual Effects: Martin Ask Eriksen & Megan Bagshaw


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