Port Elizabeth.

AFDA kick-started their new campus in Port Elizabeth on the 9th of February 2015 and currently attracts the interest of students from all corners of the world.

Port Elizabeth is known as the friendly city and is renowned for its pristine and accessible beaches, adventure sports and outdoor lifestyle. It boasts a strong cultural history, provides a student friendly environment with excellent accommodation and is a host to a large body of international visitors annually.

AFDA Courses currently on offer at the Port Elizabeth campus:

  • Undergraduate BA in Motion Picture Medium (Film)

  • Undergraduate BA in Live Performance

AFDA reserves the right to make changes or withdraw information or course offers without prior notice. Where possible, AFDA will endeavour to notify all persons and/or organisations affected as a result.

10 Good reasons to study at the Port Elizabeth campus:

  1. The AFDA PE Campus is located in an affordable region that reduces the cost of living and travel considerably.

  2. André Scholtz, one of South Africa’s most prolific and experienced film producers, has relocated to the Eastern Cape to head up the Port Elizabeth film school.

  3. AFDA P.E. will have small classes to facilitate personal attention and learning for each student. International students benefit from this stride in terms of academic development and can easily access English Language support services nearby the campus.

  4. AFDA P.E. will utlise the same film curriculum and learning system that has proved to be highly successful at its other campuses.

  5. AFDA P.E. facilities and equipment will have a year to year parity with its other campuses and proportionate to student numbers.

  6. An economic opportunity exists for P.E. graduates to create a sustainable industry through growing its intellectual capital and cultural content.

  7. Similarily an economic opportunity exists for P.E. to optimize its first world infrastructure, locations, exchange rate and diverse population through facilitating international film and television production.

  8. An opportunity exists for P.E. graduates to create and reach both national and international viewers through the production, distribution and monetization of on-line content.

  9. AFDA P.E. has a rich cultural voice and audiences that are able to contribute to growing the arts and culture of the province as a revenue stream.

  10. Port Elizabeth's pristine coastline, friendly disposition and student life make it a popular study destination for both local & international students.


Parity Assurance

The AFDA Port Elizabeth campus will receive the same standard of learning and facilities as provided by AFDA for first year students at all existing AFDA campus and will utilize the AFDA  pedagogic system, curriculum, syllabus and assessment  structures that AFDA has developed over the last twenty years.

The Higher Education Quality Council HEQC will apply a statutory site visit during 2015 to ensure the above standard of learning facilities and equipment is in place.

The Honours and Masters degree and new degree offers will be introduced as the Port Elizabeth site is developed.

Internal Audits and Quality Control

The AFDA executive and senior management are responsible for quarterly term visits and audits of the learning program and facilities.

The AFDA ASC  (Academic standards committee) is responsible for ensuring the effective roll out of the AFDA timetable, learning and assessment according to the AFDA institutional Policy document that governs and regulates the various AFDA campus.

Academic Development

AFDA PE will offer the same academic support structures for students who need to develop their academic standards and capacities.


Port Elizabeth Prospectus 2016 |PDF| 2.88 MB

Accommodation lists will be provided on request. Please contact the Marketing Department or Student Affairs directly.

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Chantelle Grove

Graphic Designer, Website & Social Media Administrator

Earle Holmes

Public Relations Officer

Janneke van der Merwe

Personal Assistant to Bata Passchier (CEO & Co-Founder)

Mandy Day

Personal Assistant to Garth Holmes (Chairman & Co-Founder)

Pam Indhur

Executive Personal Assistant to Dr Gerda Dullaart

Shana Lee Turner

PA to Dr Christopher John

Aarti Narotam

Lecturer, Technique & Application

Carol Anne Kelleher

Lecturer, Voice & Screen Acting

Levern Botha

Lecturer, Movement & Physical Theatre