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Alumni of the week # 66 Lerato Sokhulu

May 16, 2017 1:49 pm

“I have Googled dozens of words to try and describe Lerato Sokhulu, and the word that I choose to stick with is, ‘artist’ – Lerato is a multi-faceted artist. Radio is currently the biggest platform she has to exhibit her incredible talent; she has a show (The Fresh Start) on one of the biggest stations in the country, Gagasi FM (the 8th most listened to radio station in the country, 1.4 million listeners). She blesses the airwaves weekdays from 4-6 am; the show is rooted in spreading positivity and growth. It’s a really great way to start your day, and she signs off by uttering the biggest ego stroke of all time, “I love you”, you will be the one with the vibes after every show. Lerato also Acts, MCs, writes, and channels her creative energy towards a lot of other mediums. What sets her apart from other renaissance women is her star quality” – Beads Magazine

AFDA Cape Town Live Performance alumni Leratho Sokhulu has always been a lover of music and radio.”I remember feeling very lonely in my adolescent years, and the one friend I counted on who would always be there for me no matter what time, was radio. Radio made me feel connected to the presenter even though I didn’t know them in person I felt like we were friends. Whatever emotions I was going through radio would be there to make me feel better and cheer me up with a song. Unlike television, you don’t have to sit and watch, you can do other things while listening, that’s what I love most about radio.” says Leratho.

Leratho started working at a community radio station called Imbokodo FM as a programs manager. Soon after that a DJ/radio presenter heard her recording a voice over, and told her she had a great voice for radio, which she had never thought of. He helped Leratho to record a demo, and three days later she was hired at Gagasi FM. Talk about the stars aligning. “Thank God AFDA had already trained me on how to use my voice so I didn’t struggle to settle in my radio shoes.” says Leratho.  A year later here she is making sure every morning people look forward to the day by encouraging them to be proactive in their lives and live the life they really want.

“Forget the followers and celebrity status, you have to have a great love for people, be a great conversationalist and know exactly which song to prescribe for any emotion, I call it talking in song. That’s what radio is about” advises Leratho.

She also plays a lead role in a documentary called ‘F is for Father’ which explores the relationships black people have with their fathers and fatherhood, from molestation to single fathers. It will be coming out later this year and was mostly shot at The Play House in Durban. Leratho plays multiple characters depicting different relationships between dads and their daughters.

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