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Alumni of the week #63 – Christopher – Lee Dos Santos

March 3, 2017 9:13 am

“I write because for every breath, every heartbeat, every action, that goes unwritten, is a story lost. I’m a visual story teller. I have professional experience in directing and writing feature films, editing features, as well as commercials and music videos. My goals are to become one of the leading film makers in Africa, and internationally recognized as a main player in the world of Cinema.”

AFDA Johannesburg alumnus Christopher-Lee Dos Santos, is the writer and director for the award winning apocalyptic film “Last Broken Darkness” starring Sean Cameron Michael (Black Sails, 24), Brandon Aurett (Chappie, Elysium) and newcomer Suraya Rose Santos.

“Last Broken Darkness” premiered at the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival in February 2017 and walked off with 2 awards – Best Performance by a leading Actor, (Sean Cameron Michael) and Best Screenplay (Christopher-Lee Dos Santos).

“Last Broken Darkness” is a post- apocalyptic film, where people are living underground in the mines and subways of North America after a massive meteor strike obliterates most of the Northern Hemisphere. Human Society has survived underground for 8 years, trading between stations in the tunnels, but one day one of these stations goes dark, and our lead character, SAM, is sent to investigate why.  But in its essence, “Last Broken Darkness” is really a character drama about a man who having lost his wife and little boy at the start of Armageddon, has become a cold selfish broken man. Only once he is forced to look after another girl, Rose, does he learn to open up, forgive himself and learn to care for others again.

Watch the trailer here:

Read article in Scree Africa on “Last Broken Darkness” here:

More about Christopher:

Christopher is the owner, director and leading writer of DS Films Entertainment. Since opening his film production company he has overseen and created award winning shorts, feature films, television series and music videos. His AFDA graduation film, “At Thy Call”, screened at the 2008 Cannes Film Festival and won best short film at the Coal Stove Film Awards in 2008.

“Angel of the Skies” , Christopher’s first full length cinematic feature film,  is a brave story about a South African pilot who flew for the British during world war 2, fighting over the skies of Europe. When his bomber is shot down over Nazi Germany, he must find a way to get his surviving crew members back home at all costs. It is a first of its kind in South Africa and was released internationally to over 25 Territories. The first release was November 2013 in the in the United Kingdom under the title, “Battle for the Skies” by Kaleiduscope Entertainment. The film was then released in Germany under the title “Wings of Honour” by Panda Storm Entertainment.. On December 31st 2013, the film was released under its correct title, “Angel of the Skies”, in the United States of America by Entertaiment.

Christopher has also overseen the production of another independent feature film, “Bond of Blood”, released in South Africa in 2015.

He was the director and cinematographer for the music videos, “No Direction Home”& “If not you, who?” for Lostly, featuring Amber Traill, “Right beside Me” for The Duchess, “Calling you” for Splinter Town, “Somehow” for Saving Silence and “Turning in my Sleep” for Prime Circle. He also co – directed and shot four music videos for Evolver One; “Criminal”, “Just Stay”, “Say you will” and “The world’s gone Crazy”.

Christopher was the director hired to take over and complete the unfinished feature film Eternity, produced by Makadi Entertainment Ventures, and written by Anton Ernst and Wolfgang Muller. As the 5th director hired, he was given the task to oversee completion of the film.

Christopher was the editor on the TV series as well as an offline editor for TV shows like “Treasure Hunt” and “Whip the Chef ” and directed a 13 episode TV series for SABC 2 called “Mind the Gap”. He wrote the screenplay for the 50 minute MNET film, “Brothers in Arms”, which he co-directed with Dino Pappas and edited in 2006. The film played on MNET later that same year and has since played at Apollo film Festival, Cape Winelands Film Festival and also won an award at the KKNK Film Festival in 2008.

See more about Christopher here:

Christopher on IMDb






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