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Alumni of the week # 47 – Desmond Denton

July 13, 2016 8:58 am

“As a storywriter/ brand specialist I hold a hope for our continent to reassess the way we see ourselves, to present a new fresh story. We’ve been sidelined, belittled and misunderstood, but our time has come. It is time we share the stories of significance, of Africa’s potential and its people.”                                             

AFDA Cape Town alumni, Desmond Denton, is a filmmaker with a strong vision of creativity and its practical execution. With over 13 years of multimedia, film and lecturing experience, Desmond has the ability to work with diverse groups of people, including international clients and crew. Desmond is a very busy body and brain, utilising all his skill sets. He is currently directing, writing and producing Spelonk, a film based on an old afrikaans legend brought to life in a post- apocalyptic future world… The world of Spelonk is one which we seldom see on screens, especially in South Africa. Cape Town is transformed as the backdrop of the futuristic apocalyptic film set in 2044.

“It’s not everyday you find a storyteller with the right fusion of vision, passion, heart and the technical expertise to pull it off. Desmond Denton embodies everything all great storytellers are- his relentless pursuit of using media to impact others is not only inspiring, but riveting to watch unfold.” Greg Kriek(Actor / Producer)

Desmond other project is the book and film written by him entitled William Austen. The story tells the riveting true life tale of William Austen. It is a pulsating and gritty glimpse into the lives of people, gangsterism, drug culture, and the uplifting story of one man’s odyssey from ruin to redemption. ‘It has truly been an incredible process to write this story.’ says Desmond.

‘Having recently completed a biographical film The Perfect Wave, I am excited at the prospect of supporting Desmond Denton in accomplishing his directorial vision ensuring that we produce a film that resonates with our captive audience which is very similar to the audience we achieved on The Perfect wave.’ says Bruce Macdonald.


Desmond has also directed for many leading world brands such as LUX, OPEL, JACK FRIEDMAN, DOS EQUIS, REPS FITNESS Whether he lends himself to using moving images with music to captivate fans of a band or crafting a storyboard to create commercials for clients- Desmond offers lushly seductive imagery, heart rendering character based stories and creates new worlds through stories. He asks for reinvention and through captivating films he turns on our curiosity into that which is sometimes overlooked. Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living” and for Desmond the true story lies in the unseen that which lurks beneath it all; the subtext. He shows us what truly lies behind the rich tapestry of visual delight. Desmond has directed various commercials and feature films of which his first Anderkant die Stilte, has won various awards and nominations at international festivals such as Monaco International, Cape Winelands International. These awards including best director, producer and writer. His second feature Lenteblom, which deals with the Virgin cure related to aids was successfully released to over 10 000 farms across South Africa. Desmond won best director for Apollo 2008 for the AFDA graduate film Vaderland. He also was assistant director on the Planet of the Sharks (film with Asylum) and Jag Veld (a Deon Meyer film).

He has been selected on various master classes such as BIG FISH PRODUCING, BERLINALE TALENTS, DURBAN FILM MART, CANNES FILM MART. Desmond has been mentored by various acclaimed filmmakers including Herman van Deventer, Kofi Zwana, Dean Blumberg, Cobus van den Berg, Akin Omotoso, Jamil Qubeka, Meg Rickards, Jacky Lourens and others.

Find out and see more about Desmond here:

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