Daily interface with technology is a reality in global motion picture production that defines filmmaking & media production in the 21st century. We are a tool making species. Our ability to use new tools gives us greater levels of efficiency to survive and thrive in a rapidly transforming world. 

Evidence shows the Digital Revolution erases barriers to entry as the tools of production are democratised by falling prices and technological interfaces becoming auto-didactic. By leveraging the potential offered by the tools of the Digital Revolution, we can amplify our voice as filmmakers & media practitioners in our quest for self-representation. By adopting and adapting digital technology to articulate stories & brand narratives, these tools empower us at every stage of production from script to screen.

AFDA PRO short courses offer participants the opportunity to explore their ‘Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP)’ by embracing digital innovation in filmmaking & media technology (Diamandis 2015). Democratization of technology means that anyone with imagination & aptitude can produce media content. With this unprecedented access, the market place becomes increasingly competitive as a result of new technologies which drives exponential development and results in disruptive change. “Broadcasting” is already transforming to “Narrowcasting” with Netflix, Showmax & IrokoTV (Africa’s Netflix). While Kodak was filing for bankruptcy in 2012, Instagram was bought by Facebook for $1 billion.

Media convergence and global competition implies a trend towards consumers expecting online entertainment to be free & paid for by advertising according to Chris Anderson, author of ‘Free’ (2009).

Now, more than ever, filmmakers & media producers need to harness the tools of the Digital Revolution to redefine the terms of popular culture production, consumption and distribution. Stay ahead of the curve. Adapt for mediascapes of the future. Embrace the Digital Revolution and build your skills set to diversify in a rapidly changing market place. AFDA PRO – professional short courses that give you the edge.

“Either disrupt yourself, or someone else will” – (Diamandis 2015)

*AFDA reserves the right to make changes or withdraw information or course offers without prior notice. Where possible, AFDA will endeavour to notify all persons and/or organisations affected as a result.

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