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AFDA Pro launches new courses for 2017

December 15, 2016 12:07 pm

AFDA is proud to introduce new AFDA Pro extended learning short courses, aimed at upgrading existing skills, switching areas of professional focus and developing new skills for opportunities of growth in the entertainment, media and related industries. Be ahead of the curve. Evolution is the new revolution.

There are 4 new courses available for 2017 and are structured with an opportunity for self-study by receiving learning material to prepare for the contact time that follows the self-study. This may be in the form of workshops or lectures with the course facilitator, most of which will be scheduled during evenings or weekends in order to accommodate those who may be unavailble during normal working hours. These are current AFDA PRO offers:


“Imagine the feeling of actually existing in a virtual space — that’s the true potential of virtual reality.” – Dr. Mark Bolas

Virtual Reality (VR) offers enormous opportunity for content creators to make immersive content for the market. This is the future of media technology and your chance to learn about it. The objective of the course is for participants to understand and engage with the basic principles of the medium of 360 Virtual Reality involving opportunity for practical outcomes to produce an immersive production with technical proficiency of contemporary standards of production processes and technical limitations.


The emergence of online video has changed the media industry exponentially. Online streaming of video content is a billion dollar industry globally. But how do we monetise online video content to get audiences to pay a sustainable price for good quality content? This course is aimed at developing content for the future of online convergence as the digital revolution takes hold in 21st century media production. This course will keep you ahead of the digital curve by multiplying your skills accumulation. Learn how to monetise and aggregate transmedia video content from script to screen. Participants will have pitched and produced a transmedia brand narrative with a 360 multimedia distribution and exhibition strategy for a Transmedia video.


Broadcast Design is a cutting edge digital art form that is growing exponentially due to the expansion of Transmedia as film, television and online media converge and hybridise in the domain of 21st century media production. This Broadcast Design is facilitated by an industry motion graphics artist who will train participants to create professional projects using video material and graphic elements created in Photoshop, After Effects, Illustrator and Cinema 4D. Using these software packages, the participant will create on air imaging and opening sequences for film, television and multiple online platforms.


Do you have a great idea for a screenplay or TV series but never get around to writing it? AFDA PRO introduces a screenplay incubator focused on award winning writing concepts and techniques such as: screenplay structure, character arcs, themes, dramatic conflict, genre and visualisation. Leading scriptwriters will guide participants through internationally benchmarked best practice for participants to complete a first draft of an original screenplay or TV pilot within 90 days.

While many of the courses will include leading industry practitioners and experts contributing to the courses, AFDA Pro will be run by Shmerah Passchier and Stevan Buxt.


Stevan Buxt

Stevan is an enterprising producer, strategist and mentor with two decades experience in media, international development and education. He has run major productions and communications campaigns globally and is adept at managing large budgets and teams. Stevan is entrepreneurial and results-driven. Stevan has provided services on projects funded by AusAID DFID, EU, IFC, Millennium Challenge Corporation, NORAD, Red Cross, South African Departments of Health and Social Development, UN, USAID, USDA, and World Bank amongst others. He is based at AFDA Cape Town.

Currently in principal photography on “For Your Precious Love” – documentary South Africa/France/Czech Republic

Currently in development with  “The Bands of Kathmandu” – feature film – Nepal/South Africa

BA (Hons), Witwatersrand; MAP, Wits Business School


Shmerah Passchier

Shmerah is a digital filmmaker who has worked all over the African continent including Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, Zanzibar, Kenya, Botswana, Angola, Mozambique, Uganda and Zambia directing & shooting documentaries and television shows. Shmerah is a television writer, director, producer, editor and camera operator.

Shmerah is currently writing a PhD on African Cinema at the Department of Communication Studies at the University of Johannesburg, under the supervision of Professor Nyasha Mboti. Shmerah completed a Master of Arts Anthropology at University of Witwatersrand in 2014 and completed a Master of Fine Art at AFDA in 2011. She is based at AFDA Johannesburg.

Shmerah lectures Film Theory & Analysis, African Cinema, Writing for Television: Reality TV & Telenovela, Digital Cinematography, Post-Production for Television, Transmedia, Production Design, Broadcast Design, Ethnography in Film & Television Research.

Contact Shmerah or Stevan to find out more:

JOHANNESBURG: Shmerah Passhier / +27 11 482 8345

CAPE TOWN: Stevan Buxt / +27 21 448 7600



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