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AFDA opens Botswana campus

September 7, 2015 10:34 am

The AFDA education board is very proud to announce the opening of its AFDA Botswana at the Oodi Campus on the outskirts of Gaborone on 7 September 2015. Executive Board Member Tsholofelo Ntshingane reflects on the journey from initially approaching AFDA CEO Bata Passchier to open an AFDA in Botswana.  “I chose AFDA because I believe in AFDA’s outcome based training approach.  AFDA have made a significant contribution to the growth of the entertainment industry in South Africa and I am convinced they can do the same for the Botswana industry.”

AFDA Botswana will initially offer its fully accredited and registered Bachelor of Arts (Motion Picture Medium and Live Performance) for first year students, as well as its one year Honours degree equivalent. In 2016 it will offer a B.Comm, Business Innovation and Enterprise and a B.Sc., Computer Technology to create a powerful network of graduates in business, arts and science: A triumvirate of integrated degrees designed to meet the challenges and opportunities of the future.

The big question, whether it be cynics, detractors or those genuinely concerned about the capacity of the Botswana entertainment industry to employ graduates remains: Where will the graduates work?

“The truth of the matter is that people create industries, industries do not create people.” says AFDA Chairman and co- founder Garth Holmes. “We need to develop graduates with a capacity to originate relevant entertainment content for local audiences and by extension reach continental and global audiences.”

Newly appointed Dean/Registrar and Executive Director Dr Mothusi Phuthego is excited about getting the campus ready for the opening.

“Crucial to the opening of AFDA Botswana, amongst other preparations, is the initial recruitment of competent personnel in the form of professional, academic and administrative staff. The recruitment exercise is almost complete as candidates for all key positions have been identified, interviewed and most of them have accepted the offers and are ready to join the AFDA Botswana team.”

Finally, AFDA Co-Founder and CEO, Bata Passchier, believes that,

“Together with the Botswana Governments commitment to education in the arts, we hope to provide a world class university education that contributes significantly towards developing a sustainable local entertainment industry.”

To learn more about AFDA Botswana, visit our website AFDA Botswana


Nadia Chalkley +27 (0)21 448 7600 /

Tsholofelo Ntshingane +267 73399011

Dr Mothusi Phuthego +267 71884455

Alternative landline numbers:

00267 3102542
00267 3102553
00267 3102586
00267 3102591

002673102405 (fax)

Application Process:

Botswana applicants may make use of free internet services to apply online at the below address:
t/a Print campus, Gaborone Station
Opposite BHC/ Borakanelo Police, Next to shopper store
Monday to Friday > 9:00-16:00
Saturday > 9:00-13:00

Step 1: Enquire – Make a booking for an interview at the AFDA Botswana campus to meet with a staff member who will advise about the course and assist with your application process.
Step 2: Apply – Complete the application, attach your report/academic documents and submit an online application form OR submit a manual application form by contacting the campus.
Step 3: Provisional Acceptance – AFDA Will contact you regarding acceptance into the course. If you have achieved the minimum number of points to make you eligible for a bursary from the DTEF. You will be required to apply to the DTEF for sponsorship. The DTEF will advise AFDA about your sponsorship conditions which shall cover tuition and administrative charges, for private students. Bank statement or Bank guarantee letter will be required.
Step 4: Register – Once the DTEF has given AFDA the guarantor letter, you need to register online. Registration fees will be billed on sponsorship. Private students must pay for fee at this time. Registration payment will secure your position for enrollment.
Step 5: Enrol – You must present yourself at the campus and follow the enrollment procedure.


Undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (BA): Three years in Motion Picture Medium or in Live Performance
REQUIREMENTS: The minimum requirement to enter an AFDA Bachelors degree is BGCSE, IGCSE, O Level, with a minimum credits accumulation of 34 points for all degree or A Level.

If you do not meet these requirements listed above = The AFDA Entrance Exam is a selection process approved by AFDA Senate for degree access. To give a candidate alternative access to degree, s/he can sit for the Entrance Exam and there must be record of it, the recommendation on the individual student from the registered psychometrist must be signed off by Senate or its subcommittee, as per AFDA Entrance Exam policy (in accordance with Higher Education Act (Act 101 of 1997) Amendment No 1317 in Government Gazette of 5 Dec 2008 number 31674 clause 31). Such access will apply only to AFDA’s programmes, its entrance exam is not valid to another university, and vice versa.

Postgraduate Bachelor of Arts (BA): One year (Honours) in Motion Picture Medium (Honours) in Live Performance
You need to have completed your third year degree studies at a recognised institution and have a portfolio of evidence of work to motivate your discipline choice.

HONOURS OVERVIEW: The AFDA post graduate honours course has a proven reputation for producing graduates who play a key role in developing, producing and distributing content for local and international audiences.

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