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AFDA Legend – Lakota Silva

April 21, 2017 1:07 pm

AFDA alumna Lakota Silva is reengineering radio, breaking down and entirely rebuilding what enchanting music is all about. Armed with a ten-track magazine filled with talent that courses through her entire being, Lakota is one voice, one dancer, one filmmaker, one music maker guaranteed to hold your senses ransom. Her debut solo album, POP- The MixTape, Lakota’s fascination with the entire entertainment matrix kicked into high gear from a very, very early age. Dance, drama, art – I did it all at school, she recalls.

As the eldest of three siblings, and raised by a single mother, Lakota set about taking ownership of destiny early on. Lakota won a scholarship to Reddam House, a school respected for its arts curriculum. I did it all, she says. Dance, drama, art, I even joined the school’s jazz band! All of which is now serving her well as she spreads her wings beyond her already three massive hit singles, Do Re Mi, Sweatt and Revelation. Before this, Lakota cut her hit-making teeth adding vocals to the likes of LOCNVILLE’s monster hit Closer and putting down rhymes with Pascal & Pearce and Classy Menace, in-between appearing on the formers’ videos for Six Second Poison. Having since graduated from AFDA, Lakota loves scripting, choreographing and performing for video almost as much as she waxes lyrical.

At the end of 2012 she stood on stage, in front of 50 000 screaming Justin Bieber fans and loved every second it of it when LOCNVILLE opened for him and Closer was the group’s massive hit Lakota helped make great. I was so ready! she recalls. My mantra’s always been to do my best or not at all.

Lakota was a 2014 SAMA nominee, has had three feature collaborations in SA’s Top 10 and her debut single ‘Do Re Mi’ was awarded SA’s #2 song in November 2014.


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