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AFDA films screening at Cannes Short Film Corner 2017

March 23, 2017 1:21 pm

AFDA Johannesburg 3rd year 2016 experimental film, ‘Scene’ and AFDA Cape Town 3rd year 2016 graduation film, ‘Darling, You’re Mine’, have been accepted to screen at the Cannes Short Film Corner 2017.

The Cannes International Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals in the world, but premiering, screening, and awarding the best feature films isn’t all that Cannes has to offer. Cannes Short Film Corner is an event that allows the creators of short films an opportunity to show their projects to a massive audience, pitch future projects, and hopefully make many important connections as well.

The Short Film Corner began in 2004 as a way to recognize short filmmakers as the next generation of feature filmmakers, and to provide them with official access to the Cannes festival and market, along with unique educational and networking opportunities.

The short films in the SFC include those from various sections in the festival, such as the Official Selection, Cinefoundation, and Director’s Fortnight.

Darling, You’re Mine


Set in USA in the 1950s, Marleen Milligan comes from a family that values women to become perfect housewives, but Marleen is set on making a career as an actress. She is given the opportunity of a lifetime when landing the lead role in a feature film with an American production company that is traveling to Africa to shoot. The path of fulfilling her dream is challenged when the director of the film, a 60- year old male, is slowly pushing her limits by sexually abusing her and manipulation her into an unprofessional relationship.


Marleen – Emily Adair
Joseph Malone – D David Morin
Ralph – Justin Wyatt-Smith
Larry Smith – Mark Sykes
Young Marleen – Nadia Salvarto
Mildred – Rochelle Odendaal
Ruth Milligan (Marleen´s Mother) – Heike Brunner
William – Trond Sannes
Casting Director – Magnus Björnstjerna
Casting Manager – Kristin Møgster
Margareth Lewis – El-Ray Muller
Peggy Jensen – Lauren Bailey
Rosemary Woods – Julienne Stols
Young girl at audition – Megan Van Haght
Girl at the waiting room – Jess Leigh Lourens
Film Crew – Sebastian Øyangen
Film Crew – Jason De Wet
Film Crew – Trond Sannes
Film Crew – Kelton Goertz
Film Crew – John-Paul Brenda
Film Crew – Michelle Pienaar
Film Crew – Nastien Visser
Film Crew – Courteney Leigh Alberts
Film Crew – Chelsea Sherwood-Poultney
Film Crew – Tanya Da Silva
Film Crew – Rory Morrison


Writer: Vilde Eide
Director: Vilde Eide
Executive Producer: Afda
Associate Producer: Tina Shruti Karlsen
Cinematographer: Vebjørn Skaseth Ørpen
Production Designer: Kristin Møgster
Costume, Make-up and Styling: Kristin Møgster
Editor: Stein Victor Larsen
Sound Design: Zenande Twalo
Composer: Zenande Twalo



When an actress relinquishes her identity for a role within a film she finds herself spiralling through an identity crisis which forces her to either conform to her role within the film or rebel in order to once again reclaim her identity


Erica – Angela O Reilly
Gregory – Reiner Rautenbach


Writer: Azzisa Ngwenya
Director: Azzisa Ngwenya
Executive Producer: Claudia Lima
Cinematographer: Jasmine Coryndon Baker
Costume, Make-up and Styling: Eloise Rudman
Editor: Stephanie Kyriakou
Sound Design: Jaco Van Bosch


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